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Our Goal is to make you feel beautiful in the easiest & most convenient way possible

You must have heard that you have to suffer to be beautiful. But not anymore. At Magnetic SL, we dream of a world in which on fleek make-up looks can be achieved by everyone in record time.

We have, however, heard people say that unless you’re a MUA or you’ve practiced endlessly on yourself or your BFFs, applying false lashes is a proper mission. Well… that might that been true in the past, but it certainly isn’t any more.

Say goodbye to mascara that runs, eyelash glue that dries too fast or not fast enough, lash extension appointment after lash extension appointment. And open your hearts and your make-up bags to magnetic false lashes.

Easy to apply, our false lashes are available in three technologies (double magnet, triple magnet and magnetic eyeliner), giving you the freedom to choose the type of application you prefer.

Six lash shapes have been designed to meet your needs and satisfy your every whim and fancy, whether you’re wearing them for an evening out, day at work, date or show. You can count on us, we’ve got your back.

Love from,

The Magnetic SL family